Organize and manage your Live events independently.

Through SHAA LIVE virtual platform you can organize and manage your online events live independently, reaching up to 1 million concurrent users, on any device and in any part of the world, with high quality guaranteed by Best-in-class partners.

Pagina di atterraggio dell'evento


Embed our player in your or your Customers’ website, create and customize your Landing Page and manage registrations and attendee leads collection



Let your visitors log in at the same time, start your events, monitor Live Chats and engage your users through polls, quizzes and Q&A sessions

Analisi dei dati e delle performance


Make your events available after their live sessions, manage video streaming through channels and playlists and monitor performance using proprietary analytics



Sell tickets to view your live events to 1 million viewers worldwide and generate immediate revenue through dynamic targeted ads and messages.

Record your Events to broadcast and distribute them, whenever you want, on any device and platform to reach an even wider audience.

Increase your revenue

Accedi tramite il codice del tuo biglietto

Choose our Live plan


Live events broadcast worldwide: from webinars to theatrical performances, from corporate conventions to sporting events.


Customer satisfaction, with over 1,000,000 total viewers generating revenue that exceeds customer expectations.

Here is what you can do

Survey - Instant Polls

Create your own survey

Engage users during your event through surveys and Instant Polls and show your sponsors’ advertising content

Live Chat

Manage your Live Chats

Interact directly with users through dedicated spaces for questions to generate live Q&A sessions

Possibilità di gestire la tipologia di accesso all'evento Live Streaming


Select the visualization mode of your events: public or private with login, for selected access of your audience


One platform for all

SHAA Live gives you the freedom to stream any kind of events.

Our platform is designed to manage live broadcasts for different industries and purposes, including: shoppable live streams, corporate conventions, sporting events, theatrical performances, open days, webinars, concerts, web live TV and many more

Organizza i tuoi concerti in autonomia con la piattaforma SHAALIVE
Organizza i tuoi Spettacoli Teatrali in autonomia con la piattaforma SHAALIVE
Organizza i tuoi Eventi Sportivi in autonomia con la piattaforma SHAALIVE
Organizza i tuoi Live in autonomia con la piattaforma SHAALIVE sul tuo canale Streaming
Organizza i tuoi Live in autonomia con la piattaforma SHAALIVE e permetti agli utenti di acquistare i prodotti con un click
Organizza i tuoi Webinar in autonomia con la piattaforma SHAALIVE
Organizza i tuoi Open Day in autonomia con la piattaforma SHAALIVE
Organizza le tue convention aziendali in autonomia con la piattaforma SHAALIVE
Visualizzazione su differenti device

Why choose SHAA Live

• Robust infrastructure for up to 1 million concurrent users
• All-in-one platform
• Full design customization
• Customized features
• Easy integration with third-party services
• Real-time monitoring of your event performance
• Engagement during events, through surveys and instant polls
• Support throughout your events
• Broadcast your events on any device and platform (FB, LinkedIn...)

Discover who we are

This is what makes us the right choice over other Live Streaming platforms.

  • Creation of Landing Pages for your events
  • Access management and ticket cancellation
  • Support for the platform usage
  • Support throughout your events

  • Fully customizable proprietary player
  • Interactivity during your events
  • Premium professional services
  • Video and live streaming experts since 2010

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