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Do you want to create a successful event and an unforgettable and unprecedented virtual experience?

Whether it is concerts, sporting events, shows, corporate training, product presentations and launches, Web Live TV, etc., you can always rely upon our complete support through a number of Premium services and dedicated partners who will help you organize and manage your events from start to finish.

Strategic consulting

We plan every stage of your events with you (pre, live and post) to define all crucial planning steps and their entire schedule in detail. This will enable you to keep everything under control at all times and will give us the opportunity to support you in organizing all activities required for your events.

The right video telling combined with top-notch partners

Speaking in front of a camera is not easy for the uninitiated, but it is one of the pillars of a successful event. We provide you with the support of communication professionals who will guide you through the preparation and rehearsal of your speech/presentation, also remotely, to be confidentyou will engage and never bore your audience, let alone risk losing them before the end of your events.

Venue selection

You are envisaging a big event, but don’t have the right venue for it ? Relying on SHAA means not only being able to choose froma wide range of first-class spaces and venues that can be turned into the perfect venue for the event you have imagined, but also collaborating with an experienced and trained Team that will take care of the setup and protocols for you.. Do you already have the perfect venue for your event? Call us, we can reach you all over Italy!

Preliminary technical testing and briefing with speakers

We take care ofall technical and relational elements of your events and we personally contact speakers to prepare them without taking up your time and energy. If it is a remote or hybrid event, we take care of speaker training and connectivity testing.

Management of invitations and user registration

The more your users feel engaged in your events, the greater their engagement and interaction and the greater the chance for them to become a loyal audience. This is why it is key to attract and engage them even before your events. We take care of the technical side, including attendee registration and pre-event reminders, but also of the creative side, including customized newsletters and invites to engage those who have shown interest in your events as much as possible.

The perfect event direction

Direction is one of the crucial parts of events and should never be improvised: you can have the best content in the world, but if it is not shown in the right way, this can jeopardize the success of your whole event. We professionally manage the direction of your events in any setting you choose: remote (all speakers connected from their own locations), hybrid (some speakers remotely and others at the venue) or fully on-site (all speakers at the same venue).

Creativity at the core of your show

It is often details that make the difference, especially when it comes to events, where aesthetics are the first elements that catch the eye of your audience. If you want a one-of-a-kind event, entirely customized in its graphics, we can develop ad-hoc creative features tailored to your brand: captions, graphic slides between one speech and another, landing pages, posters.

You will therefore make the difference, stand out and be remembered.

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