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SHAA LIVE is the department dedicated to the Live Streaming platform of SHAA, a digital tech company that has operated in the video industry for 11 years. Through technological services and a virtual platform to manage video-on-demand and live streaming, which can reach up to 1 million concurrent users, it helps companies, brands, creative agencies, video makers, publishers and universities increase and improve engagement through interactivity.

Interactivity is the very starting point through which we develop and offer engaging and immersive experiences through innovative solutions: shoppable videos, advertising, multiple-choice videos, gaming videos, and educational content.

Our 7-year experience in organizing Live events for several organizations and companies triggered us to develop a customizable streaming platform, including innovative features and maximum compatibility with all devices used by viewers.

SHAA’s Live Streaming Platform can make customers independent in the management and creation of digital events, while being confident to rely upon a highly professional tool and to always have an expert partner at their side, due to our comprehensive support for all your events and needs!

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SHAA Live is the ideal solution to broadcast any kind of event online in real-time worldwide, ensuring high-quality live broadcasts.

High quality guaranteed by Best-in-class partners.

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Akamai Technologies is a company providing a platform to distribute content via the Internet through fast, secure and smart solutions.

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Google Cloud

Google Cloud provides a solid infrastructure to broadcast your Live Streaming events.

We want to offer a simple and dynamic platform, having powerful features and maximum compatibility with all devices used by viewers, to create virtual streaming events that can involve up to 1 million people who can connect simultaneously from all over the world. A professional high-performance tool through which you can monetize your live events, independently while increasing your business with a highly professional made-in-Italy turnkey solution.

In an increasingly connected world that has become familiar with the Web and digital, which is more and more willing to organize its events online, we want to offer an innovative solution to encourage users to participate and interact in your virtual events, to expand your audience by involving people from all over the world and to increase direct engagement through interactive experiences. Our goal is to make all your events effective, profitable and highly performing.

Clients we have worked for

Here are some of the brands and companies that have chosen to rely upon our Live Streaming Platform for their virtual events.